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Sneak Peek at OAuth 2.0 (and getting started with it)
In this webinar we will show the steps to getting started developing with Xero including, finding our documentation and developer resources, setting up API credentials in our developer portal, and using those credentials in a demo app.

The three key learnings from the webinar will be:

1. Awarenesses of Xero’s Developer Resources and where to find them
2. How to generate API credentials in the Xero Developer Portal
3. How to use OAuth 2.0 API credentials to access the Xero APIs

There are three webinars booked in, to cater for people around the world, timings below:
AEST - Oct 15th 11:00 AM
PST - Oct 15th 12:00 PM
GMT - Oct 17th 10:00 AM
You can choose to attend one or more of following webinars.

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